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Ergonomic Assessment

Onsite or virtual assessment to improve the fit between the worker and the workplace in order to prevent musculoskeletal disorders, reduce the progression of current discomforts or to modify the workplace following an injury. 

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Ergonomics Program

 A systemic process designed to reduce musculoskeletal disorders, improve productivity and improve overall health and wellness. Risk factors are identified, analyzed and controlled in the workplace with the implementation of a successful and continuous program.

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Functional Job Assessment

Our ergonomics experts create a report which describes the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics necessary for job performance. Job analysis is the basis for matching worker's abilities to job requirements. 

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Stretching Program

This program is designed based on specific job demands and tasks within the workplace. Ensuring workers are physically ready for work by implementing a stretching and a warm-up program reduces the risk for an injury and promotes health. 

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Inservices and Webinars

On-site and virtual presentations are available to help reduce the risk of an injury. Topics and length vary depending on need. Information about sleep, safe lifting, general recommendations for office workers and more are available. 

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