Virtual Ergonomic Solutions:
Position your workplace for performance

Virtual Ergonomic Solutions:
Position your workplace for performance

What could be holding you back?

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Poor Posture

Poor posture and repetitive motion are major causes of muscle fatigue, discomfort, poor digestion, insomnia and stress.

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More Injuries

Increases in work-related discomfort and injuries are symptoms of underlying problems.

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Lower Productivity

An uptick in sick days and decrease in productivity signal the need for more functional layouts and body mechanics.

Alter your perception of ergonomic and workplace safety. It starts here.

With more and more people working from home, companies must understand the consequences of a poor work station. But not everyone can, or should, spend hundreds of dollars on a new chair or standing desk. Changing the position of monitors is a minimal to no cost improvement that can greatly reduce muscle tension and fatigue.


According to a University of Cincinnati College of Medicine study published in Ergonomics in Design, Forbes: The hidden costs when remote workers spend all day on the couch changing the position of monitors, armrests and even chair height can make an enormous difference in creating a safer workplace whether that’s in a traditional office setting or at home.

Virtual Ergonomic Assessments

Virtual Ergonomic Assessment

No matter WHERE you are in the US & Canada. Or WHERE you are in your “Ergolution,” Alter Ergo can help guide you and your team toward a safer workplace and a healthier lifestyle.

It all starts with a basic assessment.

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Virtual Ergonomics

Virtual Solution

During your virtual ergonomic assessment, one of our certified ergonomic assessment specialists will review and discuss the findings as they relate to your workplace. We will customize solutions, such as modifying your workplace or providing furniture recommendations, to get your team’s environment and techniques back on track.

Ergonomic Follow-Ups

Virtual Follow-up

Finally, we will meet with you again within 30 days to evaluate your progress. We’ll make sure your custom plan has been successful in replacing bad habits with positive ones. If necessary, we’ll make slight adjustments at that time.

What To Expect From Our Virtual Ergonomic Assessments

What to expect

We offer virtual ergonomic assessments of your office, home office, healthcare & dental office, industrial & manufacturing locations, and many more. Virtual, live training webinars for your entire team are also available. Each virtual ergonomic assessment includes:

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Collection of workplace related data and equipment with the given client

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Observation of current client positioning within one to two workspace(s).

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Identification of risk factors to prevent an injury.

Group 63

Education to assist with reducing risk factors.

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Final PDF report which includes risk factors, equipment recommendations, modifications, stretches and a handout.

Areas that we address

Office Ergonomic Assessments

Office Ergonomic Assessment

Healthcare and Dental Ergonomic Assessments

Healthcare/Dental Ergonomic Assessment

Industrial Ergonomic Assessments

Industrial Ergonomic Assessment

Manufacturing Ergonomic Assessments

Manufacturing Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomics Webinars for Employees

Live Webinar for Multiple Office Employees

Assessing the need

A majority of the time, ergonomic assessments are needed for three main reasons:

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Prevent an injury by identifying and correcting improper positioning.

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Reduce the progression of aches and pains before they require treatment.

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Modify the workplace for someone who is recovering from an injury.

Why Invest In Ergonomics?

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23 - 49%

reduction in employee turnover

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reduction in lost workdays

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decrease in first-aid cases

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decrease in modified-duty cases

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Why Trust Alter Ergo?

“Fargo Ergonomics was great! Crystal trained our whole team on how to improve posture and working environment in our office setting. Highly recommend!”

Rick Berg

Adshark Marketing

Passionate About Prevention

A single injury can cause one’s quality of life to decline. And one Ergonomic Intervention Program can change the course of that individual’s life for good. That’s why we’re committed to the work of workplace safety and betterment.

Certified Experienced Professionals

With more companies across the board (ranging from Microsoft and Google to Target) offering employees the option of working from home, ergonomic consultants are in high demand. Make sure the firm you choose to partner with has a successful track record. We have tailored dozens of customized programs for our clients over the years, not months.

Grants can be good go-tos

Many state agencies offer grants to assist with the cost of making ergonomic improvements in the workplace. These differ from state to state, but funds for safety programs, up to and including ergonomics, are available in Minnesota, North Dakota, Washington, Oregon and Ohio to name a few. Contact your state’s Department of Labor or Small Business Administration for more information about ergonomic grants.